EM – The International Lift Expo Korea (ILEK) 2023 is a three-day event from November 8-10 that brings together hundreds of leading international businesses, associations, and organizations operating in the elevator industry. Here are some of the highlights from the first day:

The opening ceremony of ILEK 2023 was attended by high-level leaders of Korea. At the opening ceremony, the Korea Elevator Safety Agency (KoELSA) launched the Korea Elevator Safety Week 2023 and initiated the Elevator Safety Competition for individuals and organizations operating in the elevator industry.

The KoELSA also honored organizations and individuals who have made significant contributions to improving elevator safety in Korea, such as the Pacific-Asia Lift and Escalator Association (PALEA), and Eltech company,…

At the end of the opening ceremony, senior Korean leaders and experts from businesses and associations visited the exhibition booths of the 2023 ILEK exhibition.

In addition, ILEK 2023 marks the first year of participation by the Vietnam Elevator Association (VNEA). This is also the first year a Vietnamese elevator industry representative participated and promoted trade at the International Lift Expo Korea – ILEK.

Participating in the exhibition, VNEA not only introduces its activities and publications to attract foreign investment to the Vietnamese elevator industry but also brings unique cultural features of the Vietnamese people to spread their culture to the world.

Several publications are displayed at the ILEK 2023 exhibition to introduce VNEA’s activities in improving labor quality and safety in Vietnam’s elevator industry as well as promoting trade and international cooperation.

Being the first year participating in ILEK, VNEA’s exhibition area also successfully attracted the interest and attention of many visitors who are experts from international enterprises and associations operating in elevators, escalators, and supporting industries.

Many well-known elevator companies such as Otis (US), Orona (Spain), and Hyundai (Korea),… participated in the exhibition.

Orona elevator brand’s product booth at the event.

Participating in the ILEK 2023, Orona displays their products, components, materials, and elevator-related systems. Visitors highly appreciated the products displayed at the exhibition.

BTR Soosung is a company specializing in manufacturing tractors in Korea. At this exhibition, BTR Soosung attracted attention with its high-capacity tractor products, with a load capacity of up to 16,000 kg at a speed of 2 m/s.

ILEK 2023 also attracted many support companies to participate in the exhibition to introduce technological improvements in elevator equipment such as traction machines, control panels, and safety equipment, as well as systems related to elevators such as interlocking systems, self-driving robots, anti-disaster systems, and inspection systems.

The flyers display area of the units participating in ILEK 2023.

Visitors experienced the latest technology in the elevator industry and related fields throughout the exhibition.

In the afternoon of the first day’s exhibition, a series of seminars were held as part of the 2023 Elevator Safety Week Conference by leading speakers from the Pacific-Asia Lift and Escalator Association, the Korea Elevator Association, the Vietnam Elevator Association, and national safety management agencies.

The Asia-Pacific Elevator and Escalator Association representative presented research on improving safety in the global elevator industry.

Dr. Nguyen Duc Hanh, Director of the Vietnam Institute of Lift Engineering Application, presented “The Initiative to Build Basic Elevator Industry Standards” of the Vietnam Elevator Association to the international community of professionals.

At the end of the seminar on the afternoon of November 8, the speakers and guests attending the conference took photos. Other workshop topics will continue throughout the three days of the exhibition.

ILEK 2023 is a premier elevator exhibition in Korea that promises to be a golden opportunity for elevator, escalator, and support companies to introduce their products, expand their markets, find new business opportunities, learn, and exchange experiences with leading experts in the industry.

Also in the series of international elevator exhibitions, The International Elevator Exhibition in Vietnam – Vietnam Elevator Expo 2023 will officially take place on December 7th – 9th, 2023 at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), by the Trade Promotion Center (Vietnam Elevator Association) and Vietnam National Trade Fair and Advertising Joint Stock Company VINEXAD (Ministry of Industry and Trade) co-organized.

The Vietnam Elevator Expo aims to become an international annual event for the Vietnamese elevator industry. It serves as a platform for both domestic and international enterprises, organizations, and associations operating in elevators, escalators, and auxiliary technology to display their latest technological products.

The Vietnam Elevator Expo is a unique event that enables domestic businesses in the supporting industry to connect with potential international customers for spare parts, components, technology, and elevator solutions. This event also provides an excellent opportunity for elevator manufacturers to find partners and expand their export markets.

With 120 exhibition booths located at the center of Vietnam Expo 2023 – double the scale of the previous year, Vietnam Elevator Expo 2023 presents opportunities to connect trade across multiple industries and fields.

Sign up, connect & collaborate

To register, connect or cooperate at Vietnam Elevator Expo 2023, organizations and businesses refer to detailed information announced by the Trade Promotion Center, Vietnam Elevator Association at the Vietnam Elevator Association Information Portal or contact directly:

Ms. Nguyen Thi Tu Linh / Deputy Director of Trade Promotion Center, Vietnam Elevator Association (VNEA)

– Phone number/Email: +8497 9035 467 / contact@vnea.com.vn

Details about Vietnam Elevator Expo 2023:

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– Official information: Officially kicking off the international elevator exhibition “Vietnam Elevator Expo 2023”

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